Karen Michelle Brooks is a Spiritual Psychologist and Author.

Her Emily Series (she named it the Scroll of Seven, her readers call it the Emily series) has been touted in the media, and she appeared on Top Billing in South Africa for her innovative marketing on the MXIT platform – 11 000 chapters were sold in the first month & over 100 000 to date.

The print books are sold in schools throughout South Africa. Should you be interested in a school visit, please contact the Author at karen@ispirato.co.za.

The first two books of the Emily Series are available online (if you want print, please mail the author at karen@ispirato.co.za)

Read more about Emily and the Battle of the Veil (Book One) here

Read more about Emily and the Sprites of Light (Book Two) here

She then refocused and wrote the beginning of her Adult Memoir, Life, the Universe and Everything Else.

Read more about Life, The Universe and Everything Else here

Finally, Karen is back with her Emily Series again, and hopes to have the 3rd book in the series out in 2016.

For a sneak peak at some of the chapters as they are being written, click here.

As a writer, it’s wonderful to get feedback in any form – so please either let me know on this site OR if you can, please go on to Amazon or some of the online sites and post a review. The more reviews we get on i.e. Amazon the more well known the books will become and together, we might even get the movie made one day :-)

Here’s hoping!





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